Baby Milestone Photography Preston & Blackburn Lancashire

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Baby Mile stone photography sessions

After a newborn photo shoot comes the baby mile stone photography sessions...I love capturing little ones as they develop and grow and they grow oh so quickly...there are a number of stage in baby's first year that you may wish to record with a mile stone shoot. 

3-4 months old - baby is lifting their head and there are lots of smiles

6-8 months (my favourite!) sitter session, baby is sitting steadily, unaided but cannot yet crawl, lots of expressions to remember at this precious time. 

7-9 months baby can crawl! This is always a very active session but it's also lots of fun. 

12 months- if you don't fancy the idea of a cake smash session then a 1st birthday photo shoot is for you. Sessions can be themed in a similar way to a cake smash and can also include a little splash session, or they can be very simple with baby the sole focus of the images

Ages are simply a guide not all babies reach mile stones at these times, some babies may reach them slower or faster than others. We will discuss your session choices during the pre shoot consultation. 

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